Saturday, March 19, 2011

A city of lights...a city of dreams.

As he drove through the city, he thought about his life. He was thirty five with no career nor any money. He drove past the city lights and the prodigious gardens and Ferrari's. Thats the life he wanted. Thats the elite and grandeur life he dreams about. His stripling life sprang into his mind...he was young and handsome! What an insouciant life he lived...girls chased after him and at the time that's all he cared about...popularity...  but not so much anymore. That stage was over, reality sunk more fantasy's, no more delusions. He gave his family specious lies about the society he lived in. They vexed about him being in trouble, but he just couldn't admit to them that he was in crisis...He just couldn't prove them right!

No friends to confide family to talk to, no one to vent to. He was all alone in a city... a city of lights, a city of dreams... a city that he just wanted to believe would soon be his.

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