Saturday, March 19, 2011


In the dark, lonesome night she walked alone formidable of what surrounded her. In the middle of the desert after what seemed like a near death experience...Life didn't seem worth living.Dreary as she walked and spasmodic bursts as she flashed back to the moment that famished her heart. Swingeing pain seemed to take over her body.She didn't feel the need to go on. Life without him was merely nothing.She felt like such a sycophant.All those years wasted over a vain and chaffy human,or even a worthless pretender! The pain he cause would never be healed! She wished for the dreading pain to evanesce... to flow like water out of her body, but that she knew would never happen.She was scared for life..with nothing but a dromedary walking towards her in the far corner that seemed like heaven.The moon, the beautiful night sky and the shining north star that guided her to what lay before her....Vacuity.

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